SASWG - Salmon, Aquaculture and Seals Working Group


  • Establishing the Facts
  • Promoting and Supporting Research
  • Engagement and Monitoring
  • Finding and Implementing Solutions

Who are we?

The SASWG, founded in 2010, is made up of animal welfare groups, salmon farmers, retailers, scientists and government representatives. Members share a common goal:

To eliminate any need to shoot seals that predate on salmon farms

The killing of seals and other wild predators at aquaculture and other sites, whilst legal under licence, still raises conservation, animal welfare and ethical concerns. Whilst recognising the importance of safeguarding the welfare of farmed fish, all members of the SASWG are committed to finding solutions to this issue.

SASWG aims to:

Explore all practical and humane methods to achieve our goal by:

  • Pooling the Group’s knowledge and experience and collating available data
  • Encouraging experts to share knowledge
  • Promoting the application and sharing of best practice throughout wild and farmed salmonid fisheries and with others seeking to prevent any seal predation and damage to gear or stock
  • Identifying research projects that could provide solutions
  • Securing or encouraging funding for research and implementing solutions

Acting as a credible catalyst to persuade industry, government and NGO’s to work in unison to find and implement solutions.

Common Seal

We are keen to identify any ongoing or past industry trials to reduce any seal depredation, without harming seals or other wildlife. We would welcome input from individuals, businesses or organisations in this area.

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